Dinner Meeting - Concluded  - 09.20.2016

Dinner Meeting - Concluded
Dr. Bard O’Neill, one of America’s foremost experts on terrorism and insurgency, on The Current State of Militant Islam.
Dr. O’Neill served as Professor of International Affairs, National War College and the Director of Studies of Internal Warfare and Terrorism at the National War College.  He is the author of several books including Insurgency and Terrorism, now being recognized as the “Seminal work; a modern ‘classic’, and The Deadly Embrace: The Impact of Israeli and Palestinian Rejectionism on the Peace Process. He has lectured extensively on the Middle East, insurgency, and terrorism and is a consultant to the U.S. State Department, Justice Department, Joint Chiefs of Staff, CIA and National Security Agency. He has appeared as a guest analyst on CBS, CNN, C-Span, the Asian News Network and National Public Radio.
The Denver Country Club
Mixer at 6pm, dinner begins at 7pm 
Please reserve by emailing  eliza.dcfr@gmail.com or by calling (720) 581-2177