05.10.2017 -  
Honoring Professor Ved Nanda of the Nanda Center for International and Comparative Law.
04.06.2017 -  
Panel Discussion with Steve Recca and Richard Schwein, Jr.; Moderated by Lewis Griffith. Topic: "The Intelligence Community in the 21st Century"
03.02.2017 -  
Renate Hahlen. Topic: "The European Union and International Development: Challenges and Opportunities." In conjunction with the Colorado European Union Center for Excellence.
02.09.2017 -  
Rachel Bronson. Topic: "Doomsday Clock"
01.24.2017 -  
Hans Kundnani. Topic: "Europe in the Era of Trump"
11.16.2016 -  
Jan Techau. Topic: "Europe After Pax Americana –Turmoil and Order in the Old World"
10.26.2016 -  
Dr. Stefan Heumannm. Topic: "The Intersection between New Technologies and Cyber Foreign Policy"
10.13.2016 -  
Dr. Michael O'Hanlon. Topic: The American Hegemon in the 21st-Century: Change, Constraint and Challenge"
09.20.2016 -  
Dr. Bard O’Neill. Topic: "The Current State of Militant Islam"