Fall 2021
​​​​​​​"The Importance of the U.S. Brazil Partnership"
Ambassador Todd Chapman-- 09/08/2021

"Boots on the Ground and Information in the Sky"
Bruce Valentine -- 10/19/2021

"Natural Resource Management and Devlopment in Botswana"
His Excellency Onkokame Kitso Mokaila -- 11/02/2021

"Subnational Diplomacy in a Changing World"
Dr. Jerrold Green -- 12/14/2021
Spring 2022​​​​​​​
"Women in the CIA"
​​​​​​​Valerie Plame -- 01/13/2022

"U.S.-China Relations"
Dr. Robert Sutter - 01/17/2022

"Middle East Turbulence or Stability?"
Michael Rubin -- 02/23/2022

"Antartica and the Global Sea Level Rise"
Ted Scambos -- 03/22/2022

"The Last President of Europe: Emmanuel Macron's Race to Revive France and Save the World"
William Drozdiak -- 04/06/2022

"She Said, He Said: Contrasting Perspectives on Foreign Policy"
Larry Sampler & Barbara Smith -- 04/19/2022

"China's Belt and the Road Initiative"
Alvin Camba -- 11/17/2021

"What We Miss When We Do Not Consider Women’s Participation in Political Violence"
Hilary Matfess -- 12/2/2021
"Will China Rule the World"
Sir Christopher Hum, KCMG -- 03/08/2022

"Water Access:  TBD"
Dr. Linda E. Mendez Barrientos -- 04/12/2022
"Impact of War: Exploring the Devastating Impact of Yemen's Continuing Conflict and Potential Post-Conflict Recovery"
In Conjunction with the Pardee Center

"Young Professionals Happy Hour"
Career Paths: State Department
Scott Smith: Foreign Service Officer

Fall 2020
"Can American Self Confidence and Leadership be Restored?"
Ambassador Christopher Hill -- 09/02/2020

"Failed Global Leadership: the U.S. China Rivalry During Covid-19"
Dr. Sam Zhao -- 09/24/2020

"Russia and the West: Mischief, Tension and Conflict in the 21st Century"
Ambassdor John Beryle -- 10/08/2020

"The Emerging New World: Legal Challenges and Opportunities for Investment and Trade in Africa"
Anthony Carroll -- 10/20/2020

"The Consequences of the US Election for the Transatlantic Alliance"
Constanze Stelzenmüller -- 11/11/2020

"Where is America Likely Headed in the Middle East"
Ambassador Dennis Ross -- 11/17/2020

"Bosnia Wars: 25 Years Later"
Dr. Michael McNeal & Dr. Kevin Archer -- 12/09/2020​​​​​​​

"A DCFR Discussion on US Foreign Policy"
Congressman Jason Crow -- 12/17/2020
Spring 2021​​​​​​​
"Critical Minerals & U.S. National Security"
Dr. Morgan Bazilian -- 01/19/2021

"Will US-Russia Relations Ever Recover?"
​​​​​​​Dr. Fiona Hill -- 02/09/2021

"Watching Climate Change from Space"
Dr. Waleed Abdalati -- 02/23/2021

"Transatlantic Renewal? A New Era for German- American Relations"
Ricklef Beutin -- 03/11/2021

"The Civilian- Military Relationship Today"
General George W. Casey -- 04/07/2021

"U.S. National Security"
Dr. Lewis Griffith -- 04/14/2021

George Sparks -- 05/19/ 2021

"The U.S. Space Force"
Col. Tim Childress -- 06/08/2021

"Can We Save the Republic? Serious Internal Challenges to Our Basic Democratic Institutions"
Tim Wirth -- 06/21/2021

"Negotiating the New Start Treaty:  Lessons learned for the US, Russia and the World."
Rose Gottemoeller -- 07/29/2021

"A DCFR Discussion on Foreign Policy"
​​​​​​​Senator Michael Bennet -- 08/18/2021

Fall 2019
"Human Trafficking and Human Rights"
Marianna Kosharovsky -- 09/04/2019

"The Israeli Elections: A Pivotal Moment in World Politics"
Professor Ved Nanda -- 09/16/2019

"Is American Diplomacy Dead?"
Ambassador Christopher Hill -- 10/03/2019

"Cyber Strategy and U.S. National Security"
Dr. Emily Goldman -- 10/17/2019

"The Rise of Populism and Nationalism in Germany and Europe"
Stefan Schlüter -- 10/28/2019

"The Arab Uprising, Human Rights, and the Future of the Middle East"
​​​​​​​Dr. Micheline Ishay -- 11/13/2019
Spring 2020​​​​​​​
"International Trade and Business: Tomorrow...is Today!
Ms. Susan Morrice -- 01/15/2020

"The Power of Narrative - At Home and Abroad"
Dr. Fritz Mayer -- 02/12/2020

"A DCFR Discussion on U.S. Foreign Policy"
Andrew Romanoff -- 05/27/2020

"From the Pentagon to the Presidency: Lessons in Leadership"
Dr. Janine Davidson -- 06/18/2020

"What Does the Coronavirus Pandemic teach Us about Democracy and Authoritarianism? A Response to Francis Fukuyama
Dr. Nader Hashemi -- 06/30/2020

"A DCFR Discussion on U.S. Foreign Policy"
Senator Cory Gardner -- 07/29/2020

"Understanding Fast Changing Global Supply Chains"
Dr. Joseph Szyliowicz -- 08/05/2020

Dr. Doug Jackson -- 08/26/2020

Fall 2018
"U.S.-Canada Relations"
Honorable Stéphane Lassard -- 09/27/2018

"From 'India's Daughter' to THINK EQUAL - Transforming Education to End Discrimination and Violence Around the World"
Leslee Udwin -- 10/04/2018

"Water: Legal and Political Challenges"
Dr. Stephen McCaffrey -- 10/25/2018

"European Economic & Political Security in the Age of Trump"
Dr. Rachel Epstein -- 11/15/2018

"Why Development Matters"
Barbara Smith -- 12/04/2018
Spring 2019​​​
"Europe, Germany & the U.S. - What to Watch for in 2019"
Ricklef Beutin -- 01/22/2019

"Gender Politics in Modern Iran"
Dr. Pardis Mahdavi -- 02/13/2019

"Everest and Beyond: Iranian Women Facing Their Future"
Sarah Safari -- 02/21/2019

"A New Nuclear Revolution"
Dr. Julia MacDonald -- 03/06/2019

Discussion & Breakfast
Constanze Stelzenmüller -- 03/15/2019

Discussion & Breakfast
General George Casey (ret.) -- 04/04/2019

"Empowering Muslim Women for Peace"
Daisy Khan -- 04/10/2019

Discussion & Lunch
Dr. Patrick Quirk -- 04/16/2019

Ms. Kim Day -- 05/13/2019​​​​​​​

Fall 2017
"De-Radicalization in a U.S. Context"
Christian Picciolini, Yoal Kidane Ghebremeskel & Dr. Annie Miller -- 09/13/2017

"Turkey: A New Ottoman Empire?"
Dr. Joseph Szyliowicz -- 09/26/2017

"The Realities of Cuba Today"
Dr. Juan Lindau -- 10/19/2017

"The Future of the EU After Brexit: Implications for Transatlantic Relations from a German Perspective"
​​​​​​​Dr. Jana Puglierin -- 11/08/2017
Spring 2018
"OSCE/European Affairs"
Ambassador Daniel Baer (ret.) -- 01/23/2018

"Our Current National Security Dilemmas - The Competing Futures"
Harvey Rishikof -- 02/15/2018

"Germany and the EU's China Policy - Analysis, Assessment, and Areas for Competition and Cooperation with the United States"
Dr. May-Britt Stumbaum -- 04/18/2018

University of Denver Social Science Foundation -- 05/12/2018​​​​​​​

Fall 2016
"The Current State of Militant Islam"
Dr. Bard E. O'Neill -- 09/26/2016

"The American Hegemon in the 21st-Century: Change, Constraint and Challenge"
Dr. Michael O'Hanlon -- 10/13/2016

"The Intersection between New Technologies and Cyber Foreign Policy"
Dr. Stefan Heumann - 10/26/2016

"Europe After Pax Americana - Turmoil and Order in the Old World"
​​​​​​​Jan Techau - 11/16/2016
Spring 2017
"Europe in the Era of Trump"
Hans Kundnani -- 01/24/2017

"Doomsday Clock"
Dr. Rachel Bronson -- 02/09/2017

"The European Union and International Development: Challenges and Opportunities"
Dr. Renate Hahlen -- 03/02/2017

"What ISIS Really Wants"
Ambassador Christopher Hill, General George Casey & Graeme Wood -- 03/30/2017

"The Intelligence Community in the 21st Century"
Steve Recca and Richard Schwein Jr -- 04/06/2017

Professor Ved Nanda -- 05/10/2017​​​​​

Fall 2015
"Yemen in a Regional Context"
Joanne Cummings -- 09/29/2015

"Realities on the Ground in the Middle East"
Brent Shapiro -- 10/15/2015

"South Asian Politics: Climate Change and Security"
Neil Bhatiya -- 10/20/2015

"U.S. Nuclear Policy Issues"
Rose E. Gottemoeller -- 10/26/2015

"The Modern Middle East"
Members Day Lunch, Discussion & Dinner Speakers -- 11/05/2015

"Buttressing the Twin Pillars: The Future of US Relations with Saudi Arabia and Iran"
​​​​​​​Toby Matthiesen -- 11/19/2015
Spring 2016
"The Politics of National Intelligence"
Dr. Joshua Rovner -- 01/12/2016

"The EU and the Iran Nuclear Deal"
Cornelius Adebahr -- 02/03/2016

"America's Alliance Dilemmas: Dealing with Adversaries and Difficult Friends"
Dr. Timothy Crawford -- 03/02/2016

"A Discussion of the Middle East"
Gerald M Feierstein -- 03/30/2016

"The European Refugee and Migrant Crisis"
Frances Burwell -- 03/31/2016

"The Challenges of Post-Conflict Peacebuilding"
Dr. Naazneen Barma -- 04/14/2016

Daniel F. Ritchie -- 05/12/2016​​​​​

Fall 2014
"Putting War Criminals on the Dock"
Kenneth R. Scott -- 09/16/2014

"The Future of the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal"
Col. Brantley Saltzman -- 10/28/2014

"Human Security in Today's Context: An Inside Look at the Human Security Report"
Dr. Lindsay Heger -- 11/04/2014

"Resource Extraction in the Developing World"
​​​​​​​Dr. Derrick Hudson -- 12/02/2014
Spring 2015
"Putin's Russia"
Dr. Joseph Varuolo -- 01/22/2015

The Current State of International Law"
Dr. Charlotte Ku -- 03/15/2015

"Global Health Threats and U.S. Readiness"
Dr. Paul Biddinger -- 03/31/2015

"Conflict, Crisis, and Economic Development: Opportunities and Challenges to Engaging Modern Africa"
Russell Schiebel -- 04/16/2015

Ambassador Christopher Hill -- 05/07/2015