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Post-truth • relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.
Oxford Dictionaries 2016 word of the year

     One of the pursposes of DCFR is to conduct candid, informed discussions in order to heighten public awareness and build understanding of contemporary and emerging international issues.

     Visit our News Page to stay informed on international news stories and find new sources of information.  Not only do we link to high profile news stories, but we have a full list of news sources from across the planet that provide different perspectives on global, regional, and national issues.  In the age of "fake news" and the 24 hour news cycle we hope to provide some tools that can help you separate the wheat from the chaff.  A well informed public is better equipped to tackle today's problems.  

     Have a news article that you want to share?  Let us know and we might put it up on our site for everyone to see!

 The DCFR's Institutional Members include The Air Force​ Academy, The University of Denver's Josef Korbel School of International Studies, and Metropolitan State University of Denver.  

We strive to give students an opportunity to share their reserach with the community by publishing abstracts or executive summaries of their papers on a forum where the public can view their work.

Highlighting Member Impact
DCFR members conduct work around the globe.  Many of our members are internationally recognized for their efforts and we have created a page to showcase their accomplishments and recognize them for their hard work.  

It is healthy for a society to engage in civil debate about issues in order to address different ideas and perspectives.  The DCFR Op-Ed page is a forum in which we welcome submissions that meet the following criteria:

      1) the material is inoffensive to the general reader, meets                       general  journalistic/publication standards, and authorship               and citation are  clear

     2) the source and intent of the material is not inherently                          partisan or commercial

     3) the material is fundamentally about a topic associated with               international relations.  

 The page is  administered by the Executive Director of DCFR,  currently Juila  Patterson, who determines whether submissions meet the above criteria.  Appeals of the Executive Director's decision to post or deny posting should  be directed to the DCFR Board who has final say.  Submissions can be made  via the  contact us link.

We look forward to sharing your thoughts with the community!