Book Review: Debtfare States and the Poverty Industry

by Patrick Hall
World Hindu Congress

with Ved Nanda
Iraq Kurds Collect History at CU, Want 'new Israel' Kurdistan

by Bruce Finley
The Dollar and National Security

with Paul Viotti
Gates: Russia is Building New Bloc; U.S. and Europe Must Mobilize

by Bruce Finley
Conversation with Iran's Foreign Minister - Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif
with Tom Rowe, Ved Nanda (et al)
Global Colorado Homeland Security Report Overview

with Lewis Griffith
Assessing the Nature of New U.S. Geo-Strategic Approach

with Dr. Haider Khan
The Contradictions of Our Cuba Policy

by Joseph Szyliowicz
Cambodia's "Terrorists": Invoking Terrorism for Political Expediency

by Patrick Hall
Somalia: A Terrorist-Piracy Nexus?

by Joseph Szyliowicz (et al)
Justice Delayed: Efrain Rios Montt Trial Suspended

by Patrick Hall
SIUE International Speaker Series

with Joseph Szyliowicz
Argentina's Economic Policy: Failing to Learn from History

by Patrick Hall
Losing Bolivia: Evo Morales' Failing Presidency

by Patrick Hall
Protecting Progress: South America's Battle with Chevron

by Patrick Hall
Latin America's Success: A Case for Comparative Advantage

by Patrick Hall
Russia and the WTO: The Politics of Economics

by Patrick Hall

Homeland Security and Immigration Policy Workshops

A series of citizen workshops on homeland security and immigration policy were held in Denver. Sponsoring organizations included the Denver Council on Foreign Relations and the University of Denver's Institute on Globalization and Security.

October 2005​​​​​​​ -- Spring & Summer 2006
Homeland Security and Defense: Potential Dilemmas vis-a-vis Weapons of Mass Destruction, Immigration, and Telecommunications/Cyber Warfare

A Summary paper for the Conference on Homeland Security sponsored by the Denver Council on Foreign Relations

January 25, 2002
Transportation Security: A Key Component of Homeland Defense

Minutes prepared by Greg Moore with the help of fellow rapporteurs Michael Opheim and Marty Wayne, and based on the proceedings of a workshop under the auspices of the Denver Council on Foreign Relations and the University of Denver's Graduate School of International Studies and Center for Intermodal Transportation.

October 30, 2001
The Development of Homeland Defense: A New National Imperative

A report on three regional seminar workshops on Homeland Defense held in Denver, CO, and Sponsored by the Denver Council on Foreign Relations and the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society, Rocky Mountain Region

May 16, 2000 -- November 9, 2000 -- May 18, 2001