"Middle East Turbulence or Stability?"

Dr. Michael Rubin
"Career Paths: State Department & Foreign Service"

Scott Smith
"Subnational Diplomacy in a Changing World"

Dr. Jerrold Green
"Natural Resource Management and Development in Botswana"

Ambassador Onkokame Kitso Mokaila​​​​​​​
"A Discussion on U.S. Foreign Policy"

​​​​​​​U.S. Senator Michael Bennet
"Negotiating the New START Treaty: Lessons Learned for the US, Russia and the World"
Rose Gottemoller
"U.S. Space Force"

Col. Timothy Childress
"U.S. Civilian-Military Relations Today"

Gen. George W. Casey
"Watching Climate Change from Space"

Dr. Waleed Abdalati

"Will U.S.-Russia Relations Ever Recover"

Dr. Fiona Hill

A podcast by Josef Korbel School of International Studies professor, Dr. Hilary Matfess, where academics discuss their policy relevant work (and coffee preferences).

Episode 13

Noor Ali on 'the Right Mug' and Narratives of Muslim American Youth
Episode 12

John Taden on Electoral Petitions and Smooth Landings
Episode 11

Julia Zulver on "High Risk Feminism" and Spelling
Episode 10

Christine Slaughter on Racial Resilience and the Best Serif Fonts
Episode 9

Renee Marlin-Bennett on Chopped Liver and Mean Memes
Episode 8

Anwar Mhajne on Digital Colonialism, International Humanitarian Law in Cyberspace, and Hummus

Episode 7

Joe Young on Tortured Logic and Breakfast Rituals
Episode 6

Gary Winslett on Cappuccinos and 'Competitiveness and Death' in International Rade